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Enter the lucrative journey of Owner Stylist at a spa | RDS Real Estate

Lucrative journey of owner stylist

Enter the lucrative journey of owner stylist sooner rather than later, in fact you can do it right now by calling RDS Real Estate for a tour of the Salon and Spa Galleria in Grapevine or Arlington to see what it could be like should you choose to lease a private studio that you can customize to suit. You’ll be choosing your professional beauty supply In no time once you choose your studio.


You’ll find that the option to rent a chair can help you to be able to afford the supplies and decorations you need to begin. RDS Real Estate gives the options for assistance in more than renting a chair but also your shampoo bowl or other important equipment that tends to be pricey in the beginning of your career to buy. There will be no salon agreement, just a lease as the owner stylist. Excited yet? Well you will be when you realize the potential, call RDS Real Estate.

Phenix salon suites franchise

Phenix salon suites is a franchise, Salon and Spa Galleria is privately owned and operated by RDS Real Estate. Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios vary but they all allow you to be independent and operate your business the way you see fit. Independent Stylist Operated Suites is the venue for you to escalate your career to the heights your dreams are made of. RDS Real Estate has been in the dream business for many years, see what they have for you.


ISO Salon Suites are known to many clients as where to find top talent and proficiently run operations. You as the ISO will soon appreciate the freedom that comes with the title of owner stylist. Don’t make the mistake of limiting yourself from lack of confidence. Call RDS Real Estate for the empowerment you need to take off on a career of your own, but never alone at Salon and Spa Galleria.

Owner choice professional beauty supplies

Owner professional beauty supplies is liberating in and of itself. There is nothing worse than being told what products to use and how to use them, or selling them and donating all of the proceeds to the salon owner. Private Practice means that you are your own boss and that is the end of that.  You are never to under employment and management of some else again unless you desire to be.


The stylist business is pretty much inflation proof as the baby boomer generation is a huge and demanding group, needing and desiring more care than ever and just behind them is another group to care for. You are the only one who can limit your career. As owner stylist you are in charge of your destiny. Choose well, by choosing the perfect location and setting plus perfect lease packages of RDS Real Estate.

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