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Emerging increased demand for the Hair Care Professional | RDS Real Estate

Increased demand for the hair care professional

Increased demand for the hair care professional makes it easier than ever to build a fast clientele and take off on your own business. With the help and facility created by RDS Real Estate just about anyone with a desire and the license can lease private studios at Salon and Spa Galleria and embark on small business ownership. Assistance with stylist careers is a major function and goal of the leader in business consultant and entrepreneur, Ron Sturgeon.


RDS Real Estate presents more than just a suite salon, they present an opportunity to become the hair care professional that your dreams are made of. Exclusive, luxurious and amenity rich, not to speak of the lease packages, Salon and Spa Galleria should be your number one destination for your career. Call now and speak with the leasing agent and take a tour of the spa today.

No more artist management

You’ll have no more artist management above yourself when you join the beauty professionals who have stepped into ownership and have leased their own private mini beauty salons for rent with RDS Real Estate. With your lease package comes the opportunity to customize your studio, unlike booth rental which is neither private nor customizable.


With the  booth rental agreement, your chair is the owners, your mirror and set up are the owners, any products you sell tend to make money for the owners, and the shampoo bowl that you use is shared. It is difficult, though not impossible to be the type of hair care professional you want to be when you are under the thumb of another. Call RDS Real Estate for the details of this affordable opportunity.

Spa attracts makeup artist agency

The spa attracts those who are determined to have their own makeup artist agency. With the set up at Salon and Spa Galleria and your ability to customize your studio, you are able to fashion your space to serve clients, teach classes and run your makeup artistry business anyway you see fit. With booth rental agreements instead of being surrounded in a community of like minded professionals, you are actually blended into the community.


For some individuals booth rental in Arlington makes sense. For others the thought of a booth rental contract isn’t conducive to the level of service they want to offer or the environment that works best for them. Certainly booth rental contracts can be beneficial for the hair care professional, but it is an individual decision and one that has options now that Salon and Spa Galleria is open in Arlington. Call now.

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