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Dreamy luxury spa space for lease

Realize that dreamy luxury spa space for lease is available at the Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate.  Just because a space rent offer is in the Grapevine, Burleson, Arlington or greater DFW area doesn’t mean it is inaccessible or unaffordable for new small business owners or those owners on a small budget.


RDS Real Estate specializes in creating affordable luxury properties for the small business owner that also combines space retail. See the space to rent that opens a world of possibilities for you to grow your businesses. Not only are these spaces for lease affordable but they are customizable and private. Tour your potential space for lease by calling RDS Real Estate.

Space for rent with your name on it

Space for rent with your name on it probably sounds pretty good, and maybe it sounds pretty far fletched, especially if you are newly going on your own, but that’s where the business consultancy of Ron Sturgeon, owner of RDS and Salon and Spa Galleria uniquely comes into play where your business is concerned, and who makes it all possible. Known by his peers and clients as Mr. Mission Possible, Ron is always looking out after your best interests.


Stonebriar mall like Grapevine Mills Mall is front and center in the minds of the locals and extending communities as well as visitors to the area, with its close proximity to the DFW airport and hotels. Salon and Spa Galleria is just outside the entrance making it perfect for tanning businesses. Open tanning in grapevine, skin care and wax businesses, hair and nails and more in a custom space for lease, call now.

Inside look at space lease

Take an inside look at a space lease at the Salon and Spa Galleria Grapevine so that you get a full idea of what it means to situate your business in the community of your peers and the spa clients’ view. Estheticians love doing hair removal wax in grapevine when everything is at their fingertips. Showers are available for your suites, as well as sinks and leased equipment.


With the prime location of Grapevine mill mall, you couldn’t choose a more visible location to grow your business and attract new clientele. Grapevine mall is easily accessed by many communities and its access couldn’t be easier. See all of the lease office space near Dallas and space for lease around the DFW area by RDS Real Estate by calling today.

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