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Dreamy designs for The Wedding Shop fantasy | RDS Real Estate

Dreamy designs for the wedding shop fantasy

Import dreamy designs for the wedding shop fantasy made real by leasing a spa studio at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate.  Perhaps you are looking to open a silk dress boutique but need to locate in a more affluent location to offer quality to those who can afford to buy it. The spa is the setting and has the clientele you are looking for your boutique dress selections.


A spa always gathers clients who love boutique shopping and custom designs.  This spa office to rent arlington is the environment that naturally fits for the wedding shop, for the specialty dress shops and anything of beauty you’d like to offer to the community. Call RDS Real Estate for details and a tour.

Open dress stores at a luxury spa

Open dress stores at a luxury spa called Salon and Spa Galleria Grapevine or Arlington created by the leader in business building, Ron Sturgeon, owner of RDS Real Estate.  Choose a different sort of lease office space in fort worth for your business with the assistance of Ron Sturgeon who will access your business goals, needs and desires. Spa studio office space leasing in arlington and others can be shown to you by a tour.


Choose other office space to rent in dfw that is perfect for your industrial, retail, service, professional, automotive needs and more. Each rent office space in fort worth by RDS Real Estate has been optimized so that all you have to do is customize if you choose and move in. Even the wedding shop idea, brought to the spa, has the option for customization, but all else is ready for operations.

Sell quinceanera dresses at a spa

Sell quinceanera dresses at the Salon and Spa Galleria in a sweet shop that you can decorate and customize in just the way you like. Place it in the house where your clients have their makeup, hair and nails done. Each office space leasing in dfw by RDS Real Estate is made ready for your smooth operations. Each is improved and approved by all code enforcers which would cost you a fortune.


The fortune has already been spent at each rent office space in arlington, leaving you free to use your resources for your customization, décor and inventory or operations. Ron Sturgeon, being the successful entrepreneur that he is, knows exactly what a business owner needs in a lease office space in arlington and the wedding shop space that will be adored. Ask for assistance today, call RDS Real Estate.

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