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Dramatic new Space For Lease in Kennedale | RDS Real Estate

Dramatic space for lease in Kennedale

If dramatic space for lease in Kennedale is what you have in mind for your new digs for your small business, take a look at the specially prepared spaces by RDS Real Estate, the exclusive property you may have not known existed until you found your way to this website. Call for more details after you tool around on the website and get an idea of RDS spaces.


Find your perfect business for rent in Kennedale by calling for a needs assessment and match of those needs coupled with your goals for growth and operational requirements. Amazing space for lease in Kennedale is always offered by RDS Real Estate, no matter what type of business you have, from auto repair to hair stylist or industrial company and more. Call to learn more.

Bookmark this business rental in Kennedale

Bookmark this business rental in Kennedale because you’ll want to make sure to see all of the properties that may be the ticket to your continued or escalated success. Do a little search of RDS Real Estate, owner Ron Sturgeon and you’ll quickly find success stories. Tour some of the properties to see the style and type of space offered by a leading leasing broker.


Discovery is one of the most exciting aspects about searching for a great business for rent in Kennedale, but when you landed on this website of RDS Real Estate, you discovered value added properties that are more than just a lease space. These properties come with the famous Mr. Mission Possible, Ron Sturgeon as the landlord along with his amazing team. Call now, see your new space for lease in Kennedale or elsewhere in the DFW.

Functional office lease in Kennedale

Functional office lease in Kennedale, the very best of prime locations, tons of storage and parking, large loading bays at industrial properties and wide lanes for trucks and trailers are but a few fine features of RDS Real Estate properties. Office space with bright and technologically wired conference rooms plus customized options, sweeten the deal, but the lease package is the clincher.


A prime location makes the difference when it comes to great retail space in Kennedale and you can trust that if it is a RDS Real Estate property, you know it is a winner. See the optimal space for lease in Kennedale for your new location, or any of the other properties in the RDS portfolio of space perfection. Call now for a tour.

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