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Develop The Bridal Boutique of your dreams | RDS Real Estate

Develop the bridal boutique of your dreams

Develop the bridal boutique of your dreams and your career along with it with the assistance of RDS Real Estate and the private studio lease space at Salon and Spa Galleria. Your unique wedding boutique blossoms under your talented ownership and your customized location in the midst of a very appreciated spa. Clients who frequent the spa adore the uniqueness of the spa fashion boutique.


Talent and desire makes for the successful boutique fashion studio that draws the attention of savvy spa clients looking for that fashion designer they’ve never heard of. The bridal boutique of your future is just a phone call away to RDS Real Estate and a leasing agent will take you on a tour of the Salon and Spa Galleria.

Incorporate your favorite fashion designers

Incorporate your favorite fashion designers into your new customized boutique shops just the way you want. The big box fashion stores are great in a pinch, but most clients want to shop in a unique setting where they can buy items that they won’t see walking around on others just like themselves. The spa by RDS Real Estate is a great place to offer your talent and fashions affordably.


Select your dresses for your new studio spa wedding dress boutique much to the delight of the spa clients. Each of the types of fashion boutiques from vintage to bridal finds a comfortable home at the most luxurious spa in north Texas. Well actually there are two locations, Grapevine and Arlington. Choose your studio and begin customizing for an early fall opening. Call now and tour the spa for a glimpse of how the bridal boutique fits.

Color matched fun boutiques

Color matching fun at accessory boutiques is another great idea for a boutique in the Salon and Spa Galleria. Even a bridal shop can take on a unique theme and added talent makes it capture the hearts of the clients who frequent the spa for personal care services. Seriously demanded unique jewelry boutique can be in your future to fulfill the needs of the spa community.


Before your abandon your dreams for a boutique jewelry store or a clothing store which showcases your talent for style, call RDS Real Estate and discover the truly affordable way to realize your dreams. The bridal boutique that you have imagined since a little girl is now a possibility, call today to learn the details.

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