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Commercial real estate for sale purchased for lease

Commercial real estate for sale purchased for lease by RDS Real Estate is prepared for the many types of lease spaces for different small business clients. One of the most luxurious of the RDS properties is the Salon and Spa Galleria in three locations. The first spa is helping many small beauty businesses like makeup artists’ business for cosmetic grapevine style.


At the spa you’ll enjoy affordable lease spaces for cosmetics, for the hairstylist to apply hair extension and nail artists, massage therapists, estheticians, fitness professionals, tanning experts and more. Similar to the spa at the gaylord Texan, this prime property was a commercial real estate for sale property, bought and readied by the team at RDS Real Estate. Call for a tour and move in today.

Spa creation and offered commercial space

This spa creation is a prime commercial space that has been optimized for the beauty and wellness industries to lease as studio space whereby community residents can enjoy quality personal care services by talented individuals in small business who choose to care for others. They deserve wonderful and affordable assistance in their endeavors. With a grapevine mills location, they can serve many.


Located just outside grapevine mills mall in Grapevine texas, the Salon and Spa Galleria is an area attraction by residents and visitors to the area alike.  Call for a tour of your new studio in the spa at grapevine tx to take advantage of a tremendous former commercial real estate for sale property, made especially for businesses like yours. Call RDS Real Estate.

Apply client cosmetic in your own spa suite

Apply client cosmetic in your own customized spa suite by calling RDS Real Estate for a tour of the available spaces at the spa.  Stylists can see other tenants who are in the business of hair who lease at the spa and how the clients like having hair cuts in private spa studios like Salon and Spa Galleria. You’ll get a chance to select your favorite space at the spa and see the lease amenities and options while touring with the leasing agent.


Stylists love doing hair grapevine spa style and so do their clients. Customize your studio to your heart’s content and decorate with your own style. Everything else in the spa is done for you and ready for your use.  Estheticians who do hair removal can lease double studios for offering multiple clients services if desired with custom sinks and lighting.  See this former commercial real estate for sale especially prepared for you by RDS Real Estate, call now.

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