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Commercial Property for sale in Dallas

Looking for commercial property for sale in Dallas?

Why not rent instead?  We’re not talking about a month to month lease – you should do something a little more stable than that.  We’re just talking about looking for a rent venue instead of a venue for sale.  Commercial property financing doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds.  It is often looked down upon because those who lease are generally thought to be less financially stable.  However, the money you save when you rent allows you to bring in a greater profit margin from your gross revenue.

When browsing for properties for lease, remember that it’s all about location.  When you buy a property, you are stuck there until you sell, and selling is always more difficult than buying.  When you lease, however, you have more liberty to select a property that matches your business needs, and you can move, so that as your company grows and evolves, your location can evolve with it.

Realtor websites are great places to start.

If you’re looking to lease office space in Dallas, the best place to look is on the web.  Every major real estate firm has a website, and their listings are on those websites.  Take RDS Real Estate for example.  Every single listing under the company’s umbrella head are listed in a clear, easy-to-find fashion, fully equipped with pictures, virtual tours, detailed descriptions, including addresses and square footage.  If you’re looking for a garage for rent in Dallas, you can find it on this website. specializes in leasing industrial commercial property in Dallas, Texas.  If you are looking to rent or just need general guidance on how and where to start your business, stop by our website today.

Properties that are bank owned are tricky if you’ve never dealt with them before.

Let Ron Sturgeon Real Estate help you navigate your way through bank-owned properties.  Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible when you want to lease commercial properties in Dallas.  It shouldn’t be as difficult as people make it.  If you’re looking to rent industrial property in Dallas, we are the company for you.  Not only do we know the area, but we’ve been in the DFW real estate business for decades.

We even helped a client find outside storage in Burleson this past year.  When we say we are versatile and will meet you where you’re at, we mean it.  Stop by or visit our website,, for more information and see what we can do to get your business off the ground.