Commercial property for sale in Blue Mound

Ron Sturgeon is founder of RDS Real Estate but he is also a business consultant who buys commercial property for sale in blue mound to offer his clients the lease space that they need for sound business operations near the rail, local airports and just off 287 for access to manufacturing facilities and farms. In Arlington, he buys up arlington industrial space just off of I-20 for the optimal lease space opportunities on that side of town near the greater metro area.


Arlington commercial property for rent by Ron Sturgeon is always a great opportunity and is simply a must see if you are thinking of locating your business in the area. All of the listings of RDS Real Estate are solely owned making the customization of each arlington office warehouse space possible for every tenant. Ron Sturgeon recently completed a newly renovated center on S. Cooper Street, offering the premium arlington retail space for rent to the community. See the value of the commercial property for sale in blue mound now owned by RDS Real Estate and available to you. Call now.

Ask for commercial property for sale in DFW

Call RDS Real Estate and ask them to buy the commercial property for sale in dfw so that you don’t have to. Develop your arlington shop for rent with just a phone call, a tour, a great lease package and begin operations very quickly. If it is an arlington warehouse for rent that you need, take a tour, make your customization needs known and get started. Ron Sturgeon wasn’t coined Mr. Mission Possible for no reason.


Rural setting is what you’ll enjoy when you lease at the RDS Real Estate blue mound business park. The blue mound commercial property for rent is a result of the purchase of commercial property for sale in blue mound by Ron Sturgeon. If you still don’t see what you need, just ask and it is entirely possible that it will manifest right before your very eyes. Stop in and meet the team at RDS Real Estate or contact the leasing office for more information.

Commercial property for sale in Tarrant County

Commercial property for sale in Tarrant county is always known by Ron Sturgeon, the real estate mogul, leading entrepreneur and business consultant to many successful Texas business owners. See the blue mound industrial space that Ron Sturgeon has turned into the best quality blue mound office warehouse in the area. Now blue mound retail space for rent is still quite scarce as the area is primarily sleepy farm and manufacturing area, but it is desired by the community.


Blue Mound Self Storage also owned by Ron Sturgeon is another perk of leasing in Blue Mound as you’ll never lack for storage space that is among the most secure in the DFW area. Yes it is true that Ron Sturgeon has purchased the best commercial property for sale in blue mound already, but that just saves you the hassle. Lease with RDS Real Estate and work with the pros, call now for your new space.

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