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What can commercial lenders do for you?

Commercial lenders include commercial banks, mutual companies, private lenders, hard money lenders and other financial groups. These lenders typically have widely varying standards on which they base their loan criteria and evaluate potential borrowers but are often focused exclusively on the private market and have more lenient financial qualifications than banks.

Commercial mortgages differ from residential mortgages primarily because they are used to for commercial property financing.  Even is a property is technically a residence, if it used as a commercial venture a commercial real estate loan is generally required.

Some important commercial mortgage refinance factors are:

  • How the commercial refinance will affect monthly cash flow?
  • What the closing costs will be?
  • How much of the closing costs will have to come out of pocket?
  • How many months will it take for the savings to “pay back” the owners closing costs?
  • What the principal pay down will be, compared to existing loans?

Learn more about commercial mortgage lenders

Commercial mortgage lenders

provide the necessary to complete the transaction for commercial property.  You will then need to pay off the loan, along with the interest which amounts to the price of the service.  In addition, the business/property can be taken as collateral during the life of the loan.

When lenders qualify customers for a commercial mortgage, the credit history of the business and its directors is taken into consideration, and the risk of the commercial venture itself is carefully evaluated. The better you can present a successful business plan, the more likely you will be convincing lenders to approve your loan on favorable terms.

Spend time thinking about mortgage financingBefore you begin mortgage financing on investors property, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have interest rates fallen?
  • Do you expect them to go up?
  • Has your credit score improved enough so that you might be eligible for a lower-rate mortgage?
  • Would you like to switch into a different type of mortgage?

Commercial mortgage financing

Homeowners often use home equity loans for large purchases, investments, and other expenses and commercial mortgage financing is not much different.  Commercial mortgages are adapted to meet the needs of the business community; they are the best option for those who need financing for commercial real estate ventures.

Commercial mortgages can help with land financing and investment property financing.  Contact your local commercial lender to learn more and see which commercial mortgage lender can help you out the most.

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