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Commercial Loans

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Want to Lease a Property from RDS Real Estate but Having Trouble Finding a Commercial Loan? Mortgage Brokers are the Solution

Have you been hovering over that genius business idea for last few years? Have you been taking your thoughts more and more serious? RDS Real Estate is proud to offer industrial and commercial properties that have been helping people embrace their entrepreneurial side for over 10 years now.

However many of those same people were initially discouraged because of financial reasons and thought that obtaining a loan would be impossible.
Luckily, mortgage brokers are a valuable asset in helping people just like yourself, obtain a commercial loan regardless of the credit score. Commercial property loans, just like any other loan, is determined by the “Four C’s”:

  • Capacity, which refers to the adequacy of the borrower’s income to cover the interest and principal due on the loan, plus property taxes and homeowners insurance.
  • Character, which refers to the borrower’s track record of paying debts, as evidenced by his or her credit history and credit score
  • Capital, which refers to the borrower’s down payment (or equity) as a percentage of the current value of the home.
  • Collateral, which refers to the safety and soundness of the home and the value of the home as determined by an appraisal relative to the agreed-upon purchase price

A Construction Loan is a Viable Option for Someone Wanting to Build Their Business from Scratch

Our highly lucrative and fully resourced properties are great investments for any type of business, but some people would prefer to have total and complete control over their business from ground up. A construction loan would be needed to get a new a new property created for your business.

Commercial construction loans, which refer to loans in which the collateral is the value that will exist once the property is built, are often for more difficult to obtain.

It would be best to contact your local construction lender for more details on a construction loan, and to find out if you are eligible.

Don’t Let Bad Credit Deter You From Owning Your Own Business. Bad Credit Financing Can Be Obtained

Everyone knows that bad credit follows you around more than your own shadow. It is constantly hovering around you to trying to let you know that your opportunities are limited. While it does make some situations more difficult, it doesn’t make them impossible. Bad Credit Financing is available and can help you obtain the loan that allows for your business ventures to all seem possible.

Don’t feel that commercial loan lenders automatically ostracize you simply because of bad credit. There are options available and commercial loan financing can be made specifically for you. If you are adamantly determined to get your business underway then there will always be a way to obtain the financing.

Hard Money Loans Are Also an Option to Obtain the Financing Needed for Your Business

A hard money lender is quite different than a commercial lender. A hard money loan is a type of non-bankable loan. Usually this means a loan where the hard money lender can approve the loan request based upon the value of the assets and the equity in the assets, without the need for much of the usual time consuming documentation and verification that more traditional lender might require to lend the same amount of money.

Nobody ever said owning a business would come easy. The financing is one of the biggest deterrents for aspiring entrepreneurs but mortgage brokers can help you get the commercial loan or construction loan needed to get your business going. Bad credit financing is always a viable option, and hard money loans can also be obtained with minimal paper work involved.

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