Commercial lease for small business

Commercial lease for small business is perfected by the leader in lease properties by RDS Real Estate. This broker hunts and secure the very best commercial real estate for sale and buys it, optimizes and renovates it to exacting standards and turns it into prime and desirable commercial space for small and medium sized businesses.


The procedures and actions on the part ot RDS Real Estate allows for even the smallest businesses like a makeup artist for application of cosmetic can run a profitable business. If you are in the beauty or wellness industries, like makeup artist for cosmetic in grapevine call for a tour of the luxury spa for a look at the incredible commercial lease offered by RDS Real Estate.

Commercial leasing possibilities

Commercial leasing possibilities by RDS Real Estate are only realized by pursuing them and calling for a meeting with the leasing agent who will take you on a tour of these possibilities.  Bring your ideas, goals and business of cosmetics or as a hairstylist, your business applying the hair extension and move in to a booth or private studio in the luxury spa called Salon and Spa Galleria today.


This spa is likened unto the spa at the gaylord Texan, with its flanking beauty in grapevine mills, just outside the entrance to the mall.  You can have a thriving business, no matter how small with a commercial lease by RDS Real Estate at Salon and Spa Galleria. Call today and make a difference in your upcoming profitable year.

Commercial property for lease finished and luxurious

Commercial property for lease finished and luxurious is open to even the smallest of businesses in the beauty and wellness industries. Just outside the entrance to the grapevine mills mall, this spa in prime city of Grapevine texas can absolutely make the efforts that you put into your business worthwhile, thriving and even soaring to heights you would never imagine.


In the city of grapevine tx, you’ll find the opulent spa environment that you only have dreamed of. But it in fact really exists and all you have to do to make your dreams come true is to call RDS Real Estate. There is also a Salon and Spa Galleria in Arlington and another in Burleson. If you are a hairstylist and want to locate your hair business in the lap of luxury but affordable, call for a tour and sign you awesome commercial lease with all of its amenities today.

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