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Colleyville tx beauty professionals | RDS Real Estate

Colleyville Tx beauty professionals

Colleyville tx beauty professionals have a beautiful option for location of their businesses and it is called Salon and Spa Galleria in Grapevine. Commercial leasing, when done with RDS Real Estate, is supportive and complete in its assistance. If you are looking for a commercial property for lease and you are just now discovering RDS Real Estate, call for details and a tour today.


This commercial leasing broker secures only prime commercial real estate for sale to offer its clients. See the prime commercial space that can singly boost your business to the heights you desire near colleyville tx or elsewhere in the DFW area, with two other locations in the surrounding area. Call RDS Real Estate for an appointment to work with the leasing agent who will take you on a tour and determine your needs and desires for your business.

Well prepared commercial building

A well prepared commercial building is one that has all of the amenities in place that are necessary for great operations. When you occupy the Salon and Spa Galleria, the amenities are rich and the structure is already perfected and operating and you just jump into your selected private space and begin. The makeup artist can even rent just a booth to apply cosmetic.


Saving money on a location helps the expert in cosmetic in grapevine the ability to be productive and profitable.  There are other types of cosmetics spaces that will make sense, take a tour to discover. Hairstylists can lease a booth or a private studio to apply hair extension styles, etc. with the spa offering near colleyville tx. Call RDS Real Estate for details and a tour of the spa.

Spa offers prime commercial lease

The spa offers prime commercial lease property that is financially manageable by the small business owner. Each studio inside the spa is customizable and just outside each studio is the luxurious environment of a posh spa with laundry facilities, ADA restrooms, reception area with flat screen and beverages, a concierge and lease rates that are affordable for all.


This spa makes the spa at gaylord Texan jealous and it is located in grapevine mills at the entrance of grapevine mills mall. Such a grand location in Grapevine texas makes it the type of prime location that makes it almost impossible to not realize superb success. Call and tour the spa near colleyville tx with the assistance of RDS Real Estate.

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