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Your choice in hair stylist supplies

One of the first feel good moments when you become a business owner is the purchase of your choice in hair stylist supplies. As an owner stylist you are the boss, in all that you do including setting your hours, writing your salary, equipping your studio and so much more. RDS Real Estate has created the perfect environment for your business called Salon and Spa Galleria.


Similar in its function to phenix salon suites but unique in that it is not a franchise like the aforementioned, but is privately owned by RDS Real Estate. Select your own professional beauty supplies, have the concierge go to the professional beauty supply for you to retrieve your hair stylist supplies or wash your towels for you and enjoy your new career at this Salon and Spa Galleria.

How to become a hair stylist owner

Call RDS Real Estate to learn how to become a hair stylist owner, how to get assistance as a new owner like to rent a chair or shampoo bowl or other needed equipment. But renting a chair is just the beginning. There is a lease package that is awesome and includes business tools created by the leading business coach, author and top entrepreneur with a heart for small business.


If you go to work for someone else at minimum wage, you’ll have to sign a salon agreement. If you go to work for yourself in the Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios of RDS Real Estate, you sign a lease and take control of your own future and of course get to select the hair stylist supplies that you prefer. Call now for a meeting with RDS Real Estate leasing agent.

Flexible lease for mobile hair stylist

Flexible leases are also available for the mobile hair stylist for a furnished studio that is available by the day, week or month. There is everything to admire about these Independent Stylist Operated Suites at Salon and Spa Galleria, but don’t take our word for it, go and investigate for yourself. Meet with the leasing agent and take a tour of the ISO Salon Suites at Salon and Spa Galleria, Grapevine or Arlington.


ISO is the organization you can belong to as a stylist owner in Private Practice. Select your studio today, get your lease package, begin to equip, decorate and invite your clients. All you need is your talent, license, and personality plus desire and of course your selected hair stylist supplies to begin the exciting journey of business ownership. Call today RDS Real Estate to begin.

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