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RDS Real Estate offers lease specials that will blow your mind

If you want lease specials and the best lease deals, RDS Real Estate has ‘em.  Jim Eaton, our leasing agent and the Godfather of the commercial real estate business wants to “make you an offer you can’t refuse!”

RDS Real Estate specializes in helping aspiring, and already established business owners, acquire the commercial and industrial space necessary for a successful business.  We offer flexible lease terms on properties for lease that are ideal for:

  • Office warehouse space
  • Manufacturing and distribution space
  • Garage space
  • Retail space
  • Office space

You won’t find better lease rates or lease options anywhere else in DFW.  We have rates starting as low as $450/month!

Tenant lease

We have helped numerous tenants lease resourceful and affordable properties which have transformed and catalyzed their business to new limits of success.  Our buildings for lease, many of which are located within our Business Centers, are conveniently located regardless of where you live in the Metroplex.

Leasing properties is what we strive for and that’s why we make ourselves accessible no matter if you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, or any of the surrounding areas.

  • Blue Mound Business Center – convenient for residents of North DFW, such as Haslet, Saginaw, and Keller
  • Sturgeon Industrial Park – convenient for residents of Arlington, Dallas, Mansfield, and Grand Prairie
  • Midway Industrial Park – convenient for residents of Fort Worth, Haltom City, and the HEB area

We have special lease offers on properties within these business parks; contact Jim Eaton at 817-439-3224 today for more info.

We want to provide you with the best lease.

Whether you are relocating, expanding, downsizing, or just looking for a change of scenery, we off 10 years of experience in property leasing of commercial and industrial space in the DFW area.  We have the best lease deals in town, and our affordable pricing does not compromise the quality of our properties.

Not only can you get flexible month to month lease terms and low lease payments on properties within our business centers, you also get:

  • Finished space
  • Secure outside storage with 24/7 access
  • Storefront office suites
  • Industrial space with dock wells
  • Large warehouse rental space w/ bay doors

To view a space today and to get started on a leasing contract, drop by our lease office located at 870 Blue Mound Rd W, Fort Worth TX, 76052.

Commercial loans can help you lease properties

If finances are the only thing holding you back from trying to lease properties, the best solution is applying for commercial loans.

A commercial property loan, just like any other loan, is determined by the “Four C’s”:

  • Capacity, which refers to the adequacy of the borrower’s income to cover the interest and principal due on the loan, plus property taxes and homeowners insurance.
  • Character, which refers to the borrower’s track record of paying debts, as evidenced by his or her credit history and credit score.
  • Capital, which refers to the borrower’s down payment (or equity) as a percentage of the current value of the home.
  • Collateral, which refers to the safety and soundness of the home and the value of the home as determined by an appraisal relative to the agreed-upon purchase price.

The “Four C’s” can help you get the best lease deals and rich the best landlord lease agreement.  For the best lease term and most jaw-dropping lease specials make sure you choose RDS Real Estate, only with RDS can you Realize your Dreams of Success.

Tenant landlord law

For more information please contact

  • Name: Raymond Meeks
  • We provide Tarrant and surrounding counties with land, commercial and residential title escrow and title insurance through Reunion Title.
  • Email:

Know the Renters Laws

If you want to avoid property eviction, it is important to understand the renters laws.

The tenant landlord law can help prevent you from being illegally evicted.  Even if you have failed to pay or have reached a breach of lease it is still illegal for landlord to do any of the following without a court ordered “warrant of eviction”:

  • Changing the locks
  • Padlocking the doors
  • Taking out furniture or property
  • Removing the door
  • Turning off electricity or water

Even if the landlord begins an eviction procedure, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the landlord will always win.  The tenant landlord act guarantees that tenants have certain rights, and several defenses to prevent a commercial eviction.

Know your tenant legal rights

It is always important to know your tenant legal rights.

Landlord tenant eviction can only happen legally if:

  • The lease is up
  • Rent money is owed
  • Terms of your lease have been seriously violated

The landlord must prove these to be true in court before evictions services can continue.

Landlords will jump to eviction notice free forms

There are eviction notice free forms all over the web and landlords do not waste time getting eviction letters.

Defense against your notice of lease termination depend on the reason for eviction.  If a landlord is evicting a tenant, the Petition must state the reason.

For example:  “Non-payment case” – Make certain you make the judge aware of any of the following:

  • Rent was paid.  Proof must be presented in court
  • Landlord refused to accept the rent.  Bring the rent money to court. If the full amount owed is offered, even on the day of court, you should not be evicted.
  • Rent is being held back because of the landlord’s failure to make repairs.
  • Department of Social Services is holding back the rent because the landlord won’t make repairs.
What happens if legal eviction does occur?

If the judge ends up agreeing with the landlord and legal eviction does occur, it is important to understand what you should do next.

Educate yourself on the landlord tenant code and look into eviction help.

On the day of or the day after the warrant is issued, you will have 72 hours to move and pack up your stuff.

Learn all there is to know about the tenant landlord law and renters laws.  It will help protect you, your home, and your belongings.

Find out all about the rights of renters

For more information please contact

Residential agreement

In a perfect world every situation would be “win – w in”. Leasing a property should be beneficial to both the landlord and the tenant.  What a residential agreement does is it clearly defines the terms, guidelines, and rights to renters.

A property lease agreement is a legal binding contract which should be signed by both the landlord and the tenant.  The agreement should cover several of the following criteria plus much more:

  • Define the lease property
  • Define the time frame of the lease
  • Define the renewal terms
  • Define the terms for the occupancy and usage of the lease property
  • Define the terms ruling security deposits and rent payments

This is a merely a brief list of what the property rental agreement should include.  It is important to read through the agreement carefully and thoroughly.  Gather a complete understanding of the document before signing, as the application for rental will be held up in a court of law.

Lease sample

Tenants who would like to become familiar and learn what to expect from a lease agreement can browse online and look at a number of different lease samples.

Landlords can look at lease forms for free and determine which one would best suit their company and property.

Landlord tenant forms are essentially the most important elements of the leasing process because they lay out the entire future of the lease and are the go to source for information if any discrepancies were to arise.

#1 Choice for Commercial lease property

RDS Real Estate is the premier choice for commercial lease property and we will help guide you through the leasing process.

For over 10 years now RDS Real Estate has helped aspiring, and already established, entrepreneurs acquire just the right property to enable success for their business.

RDS Real Estate leases property in DFW ideal for:

  • Office space
  • Manufacturing and distribution space
  • Storage space
  • Retail space
  • Warehouse space

Our purchase lease agreement does allow for a commercial sublease to happen.  A commercial sublease is an agreement in which a tenant chooses to lease their space to a third party under terms specified in a written contract.

Commercial agreement

Before we can reach a commercial agreement we do utilize tenant screening services as a preliminary caution.  The better credit you have and fewer delinquencies, obviously the better your chances.

Loan companies will always take a look at the “Four C’s” are in order.  It is important to have a good stronghold on the following:

  • Capacity – the adequacy of the borrower’s income to pay the interest and principal due on the loan, plus property taxes and homeowners insurance.
  • Character – the borrower’s track record of paying debts as evidenced by his or her credit history and credit score.
  • Capital – the borrower’s down payment as a percentage of the current value of the property.
  • Collateral – the safety and soundness of the property and the value of the property as determined by an appraisal relative to the agreed-upon purchase price.

Whether is residential agreement or commercial agreement, it always important to be prepared and to understand the leasing process and your renter’s rights as much as you can.

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