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Care of skin clients love to obtain

For the care of skin clients love to obtain, equip your private lease space at Salon and Spa Galleria for them.  The commercial building that has become the center for wellness and beauty is actually a luxury spa with many facets and so much talent. Professionals in the beauty industry and in the wellness industry are naturally drawn to this oasis offered by RDS Real Estate.


Meet with the leasing agent at RDS Real Estate to learn all of the details and to see a sample of the commercial lease especially designed for the small businesses who will lease a private studio at the spa.

Commercial leasing for small business owners is the specialty of RDS Real Estate. Commercial property for lease at Salon and Spa Galleria revolutionizes space for the care of skin, call now.

Estheticians private care of skin in Grapevine

Estheticians private care of skin in grapevine requires a special suite where the sinks, shower, lighting, furnishings and environment must be to exacting standards. The Salon and Spa Galleria has made it unnecessary to hunt for commercial real estate for sale since lease space of an affordably luxurious nature is available. Call now for a tour of this commercial space with RDS Real Estate.


Your business as a make up artist with the use of the cosmetic industry’s products must be displayed in a studio especially made for the display of cosmetic grapevine style. Customize your studio with all of the shelves, drawers, showcases, lighting that you desire so that you can take care of skin the way that suits you. Call RDS Real Estate to begin.

Spa splendor near Colleyville Tx

Spa splendor near colleyville tx is the description of the Salon and Spa Galleria and a place that you’ll be proud to get up every morning to come to and spend your day inside. Pampering your clients and then being pampered by your professional peers couldn’t be a more wonderful setting. Your cosmetics clients will love your decision to locate at the spa and your clientele will grow.


Hair stylists will enjoy putting the hair extension client under the custom special lighting in their private studio, décor and furnishings by yourself. Compare the Salon and Spa Galleria to the spa at the gaylord Texan only with the convenience of being in grapevine mills. Call now to tour the Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate for your business of care of skin.

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