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Calling all beauty experts in Keller Texas | RDS Real Estate

Calling all beauty experts in Keller Texas

Calling all beauty experts in Keller texas, who are looking for superb lease space that is easy to move into, see the premium luxury spa that can change the pulse of your business in a very short time. Lease retail space by RDS Real Estate is available in three spas called Salon and Spa Galleria. There is the benchmark location in Grapevine, the second location in Arlington and newest in Burleson.


You can find plenty of lease space in the DFW area, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a space like that of the Salon and Spa Galleria, with 24/7 access, luxury spa amenities and options for customization. Everything else is already operational and ready for you to occupy. Custom built shelves for hair lotion, make up and more are your options. Close to keller texas, the Grapevine spa is tops for your business.

Spa studio lease property

Spa studio lease property is a different sort of space rental. You enter the spa doors to a beautiful environment and are greeted by the receptionist or concierge and shown to the lounge where you’ll be offered a beverage and a seat. You can watch the flat screen tv or visit the boutiques while waiting for a professional. Each studio for lease is surrounded by others that are occupied by experts such as yourself.


There will perhaps be a makeup artist studio, and a massage therapist studio and many other modalities who lease at the spa. There is a laundry facility, ADA approved restrooms and the sweet aroma of essential oils in the air.  The mobile therapist of massage in grapevine can call for temporary office space quotes by the day, week and month or longer. If you’re a cosmetologist in keller texas, tour now.

Lease rental appealing to cosmetologists

Lease rental appealing to cosmetologists are now available at the Salon and Spa Galleria in Arlington, Grapevine or Burleson locations of your choice. There are different sized studios, studios to share, booths to rent that are quite custom and luxurious. Ranked as one of the best DFW places for rent, you’ll also find that this property for lease is quite affordable, even for new cosmetologists.


See the type of RDS Real Estate amenities and flexible property lease, meet with the leasing agent who will explain the details of the custom rent lease designed for your success and pleasant associations. Join your peers at this spa that is near Keller texas at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate.

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