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Buy or Lease? How do I choose?

Both have their advantages. Buying guarantees that you are in control of your property and can modify it to suit any and all your needs. However obtaining the loan necessary to get the property you need for your business can be difficult. On the other hand, some recent reports have shown this to be a buyer’s market, so why lease? RDS Real Estate takes the stance that while buying may not be an option, leasing always is. You may have a small business that’s still growing, and it would be a waste of credit to apply for a loan. On the other hand you may be a large company that’s scaling back a bit and trying to reduce costs. Either way, saving money results in increased profits, and leasing may be one way to do this. Contact us to see if leasing is a good option for you and to learn more about the properties we have available. You just might be surprised how different the choices are.

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