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Business Builder tools are perks for tenants of luxury spa | RDS Real Estate

Included business builder tools

Business builder tools are perks for tenants of a luxury spa called Salon and Spa Galleria offered by the leader in business building, RDS Real Estate. One of the perks is free hair stylist business card designs, another is the choice of leasing your  hair stylist chairs for those who are just starting in business and need a little assistance. Very affordable equipment leasing is an extremely valuable asset.


Write your own hair stylist job description as the owner of your destiny, career and future. Enjoy taking as many or as few hair stylist jobs as you please when you are in business for yourself. Choose the business builder lease package of RDS Real Estate at Salon and Spa Galleria. Call now and ask for a tour of the spa and your choice of private studio space. Then begin telling your clients!

Hair color experts agree

Hair color experts agree that the provisions and the amenities, the chance to customize your own color bar, choose your own products and run your own career is an incredible opportunity that RDS Real Estate has offered.  When you make the decision for business ownership, you’ll not need that hair stylist resume or hair stylist resume examples anymore.


Write your own hair stylist salary right out of hair stylist school with the business builder tools and assistance of RDS Real Estate. If you have a desire for ownership and have an independent spirit and longing to write your own career, then you are in the right place at the right time. Call now for a consultation and tour with the leasing agent of the spas.

Fancy hydraulic hair salon chair

Imagine a fancy hydraulic hair salon chair for your clients and an imported shampoo bowl from France or Italy that you’ve drooled over for years. Imagine being able to buy your own brand and amount of hair stylist supplies and run your business and serve your clients in the fashion you desire. You’ve completed your quest to learn how to become a hair stylist, now it is time to learn how to be a business owner with the assistance of RDS Real Estate.


Flexible leases are available by the day, week and month for the mobile hair stylist. Even though you won’t be able to customize, you can trust that the private space will be well equipped and beautiful. As an  owner stylist, there is no limit to the level of proficiency, volume of clientele and where you can take your success. You are about to choose the greatest business builder in Texas if not the country to assist you in your endeavors and the Salon and Spa Galleria is the perfect vehicle. Call soon to get started.

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