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Organic clothing Boutiques are trendy at spa | RDS Real Estate

Organic clothing boutiques are trendy

Organic clothing boutiques are trendy and resourceful and much sought after within the Salon and Spa Galleria. If that is your specialty and talent, bring it to the spa by RDS Real Estate and open a studio spa suite for your organic wear. Each boutique fashion for men and women can be showcased by a customized lease space, decorated and personalized by you.


If you are a fashion designer who would like an inexpensive studio space to spotlight your creations to realize the popularity before pushing your talent, the Salon and Spa Galleria is a perfect platform. You can take your fashions to the next level by converting a studio to boutique shops to compete with the box fashion stores with your uniqueness and boutiques personality. Call RDS Real Estate.

Custom wedding boutique requests

Custom wedding boutique requests are frequent by the brides who frequent the spa for their personal care and for the wedding day booked well ahead of the big day. By placing your wedding dress boutique within the Salon and Spa Galleria, you’ll have a ready and waiting if not craving audience of customers just for locating in the spa. You’ll like the idea of business seminars and support from the interested owner.


The audience for fashion boutiques within the spa is also ready made with no further marketing needed unless desired. You’ll enjoy free wifi and free website with your lease space by RDS Real Estate. You will have use of the spa for a bridal show for your bridal shop customers and guests. Add a wedding jewelry boutique within your boutiques for added interest and profits. Call for more ideas at RDS Real Estate.

European fashion boutique trend

European fashion boutique trend is another request frequently from the clients at the spa, many being world travelers who have trouble finding suitable clothing once they’ve seen the European designs abroad.  The same goes for the European boutique jewelry and if that is your interest and speciality you will do well to open a European clothing store at the spa.


Name the wedding shop that will become so much a part of your future and success at the Salon and Spa Galleria. Call RDS Real Estate for a look at the spa and a glimpse of what your dress stores ideas could look like. Boutiques and the beauty and wellness industries are terrific together, see for yourself by calling now.