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Booth Rental Contract replaced by lease agreement | RDS Real Estate

Booth rental contract replaced by lease agreement

The typical booth rental contract has been replaced by the lease agreement for a private studio at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate.  If you are considering a booth-rental you may want to sit down with the spa leasing agent at RDS Real Estate to learn of the business builder lease package at Salon and Spa Galleria. Tour the spa to be able to compare the booth rental with the private studio rental.


It is typical for hair color experts to prefer the private studio and retention of 100% of your earnings and using your own hair salon chair as opposed to the open air booth. Bring your proposed booth rental contract to the experts at RDS Real Estate and learn of all of your options before making a choice.

Booth rental contracts for busy professionals

The type of lease agreement designed by RDS Real Estate at Salon and Spa Galleria is really a better built booth rental contracts for busy professionals who seek to serve their clients and grow their own businesses in a clear cut manner. Generous are the perks with the lease package at the spa like free hair stylist business card designs and so much more.


Enjoy designing your space around your new hair stylist chairs that are just what you want for your clients. Write your new hair stylist job description as owner stylist and walk away from hair stylist jobs and booth rental contract in favor of your own business, a lease package and a private studio that you decorate and equip. Call now and have the leasing agent at RDS Real Estate show you around.

Scrutinize booth rentals

Scrutinize booth rentals and ask for assistance in helping you decide before you choose the path you’ll take, your future depends on the choices you make today. You’ll not have to rewrite your hair stylist resume or hunt for more hair stylist resume examples when you choose business ownership. You’ll be the creator of your destiny, not someone else.


You can write your hair stylist salary just out of hair stylist school and shun the temptation to work for minimum wage by going straight into business ownership under the safety of Salon and Spa Galleria and the tutelage of RDS Real Estate. Call for a consultation, a tour of the spa and a chance to have someone go over any potential booth rental contract to RDS Real Estate.

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