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What’s better for you: lease or buy?

You’ve found a property you really like and are ready for your business to move and the question remains, should you lease or buy? Both have their advantages and disadvantages but most small companies find out than leasing is definitely the way to go. For those that purchase they have to pay a large initial deposit plus cover all damages and repairs. These start off costs cause a lot of businesses to back off of purchasing and resort to leasing or buying.

You could always work out a lease purchase agreement if you are adamant on that specific property and see the future of your company at that location. This is a solid possibility because it gives you time to save up enough money to put it towards the property. Always be familiar with your leasing contract so you don’t get slapped with any fines or fees because you violated the contract.

If this type of stuff sounds unfamilair to you then check our pages for information or contact us.


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