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Beauty Salon Rent Sublett

Beauty salon rent Sublett

There is a very different type of beauty salon rent Sublett open now at Sublett, inside the Salon and Spa Galleria.  The third in a series, this spa is the creation of RDS Real Estate owner, Ron Sturgeon. The new centrally located spa is in the center of the other two locations at Grapevine and S. Arlington and makes it easier than ever for stylists to be self employed successfully.

New salon ownership at Sublett with the assistance of the leading small business consultant and coach, Ron Sturgeon is the path to success, and the lease package is second to none. RDS Real Estate has many properties that are created with the small to medium business owner in mind. Tour this facility and select your beauty salon rent at Sublett today.

Superior booth rental management

Superior booth rental management allows for smooth operations surrounding the owner stylist. There is no difference in features and amenities with the size of the lease space, they are the same for all. Comfort your clients in this soothing environment, and the concierge will fill in where you request.

Lessen your start up costs with a rent chair at Tarrant county spa offered by RDS Real Estate. There are other rent options, like shampoo bowl, mirror and more. Choose your favorite space for affordable beauty salon rent Sublett at this new spa by RDS Real Estate. You’ll enjoy learning about all of the facets of RDS Real Estate.

Semi private booth rental by Fort Worth

Semi private booth rental by Fort Worth is quite a concept, one that will please the new stylist who wants to be in self employment. It will also please the veteran stylist who wants to float to the different spas by leasing part time at all of them. There are many flexible options when working with RDS Real Estate.


The RDS Real Estate office is unique as is the RDS team, and is completely supportive not only of your small business decision, but also your ability to balance work and play. This is a very different type of salon leasing in Grapevine, Sublett and S. Arlington. RDS Real Estate has developed affordable beauty salon rent at Sublett like the others. All RDS Real Estate properties support the small business owner, call now.

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