Applying cosmetic in spa lease space

Applying cosmetic in spa lease space is glamorous and certainly client friendly at the Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. Those who are hair stylists who need a space to apply hair extension services can now lease only a booth to save money and to stay in business by exposure to more clients and keeping expenses down.  Like the spa at the gaylord Texan clients have access to many modalities.


One of the spas is located at grapevine mills just outside the entrance of grapevine mills mall it is the first premium location of Salon and Spa Galleria designed for optimal operations of small businesses in the beauty and wellness professions. Tour all of the spa locations and move your cosmetic business to where you can be the most productive by calling RDS Real Estate.

Studio for cosmetic in Grapevine

The studio for cosmetic in grapevine that allows you the most freedom, the quality you seek and the affordable studio you deserve is at Salon and Spa Galleria. You’ll find the size space you are looking for and that you can determine with the help of the leasing agent at RDS Real Estate. Grapevine texas is one of the most desired locations in the DFW area for its close proximity to many communities.


If your desire is to locate to grapevine tx for your hair business then you are in the right place at the right time. Precision hair cuts are in demand at the Salon and Spa Galleria in all three locations and space is available. Call RDS Real Estate for the space you can customize for Cosmetic business and all in the beauty and wellness fields.

Sell cosmetics in spa studio

Sell cosmetics in a spa studio that you outfit with the décor and the equipment you desire. You can make it exactly the way you want for the best operations of your business. If you are into the design of hair in grapevine, you must see the spaces at the spa that you can lease and decorate with the mirrors, lighting and chair, sinks and more that suit your business.


Estheticians can design their studios for hair removal and skin care that is perfect for serving their clients at the Salon and Spa Galleria. You can also share a hair salon with another peer to save even more resources. Call RDS Real Estate to see your new studio hair salon in grapevine or your new studio for cosmetic by touring with the leasing agent.

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