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Alternative to salon employment

There is an alternative to salon employment that just may be inviting enough to move you to owning your own business. RDS Real Estate offers rooms for the professionals in the beauty, wellness or health industry, but not just any rooms, private studio suites that you will customize to suit your personality, needs and desires. Call RDS Real Estate to tour the Salon and Spa Galleria.


You’ll not know what it could be like to own your own salon business and experience salon ownership at its finest until you visit the spa and meet the others in the salon industry who have chosen to house their businesses at the spa and who have customized their studios in their style. RDS Real Estate offers you the safest and most complete way to move out of employment to ownership, call today.

Take control of your stylist business

Take control of your stylist business by taking the first step and calling RDS Real Estate who will work with you and show you how that just with your license as a hair care professional and your desire, it is possible to be in business for yourself and become your own artist management. Of course you won’t be able to customize, but you will have a beautiful space to do your artistry.


Your makeup artist agency will be sending you more jobs as a makeup artist now that you have the opportunity to lease studios by the day, week or month at Salon and Spa Galleria. You’ll be able to leave employment and build your clientele fast of which you retain when you have access to the space that gives you the flexibility that you need. Call now.

Move your career

Move your career to the Salon and Spa Galleria with a phone call to the leasing agent at RDS Real Estate.  This organization is also owned by the leading small business consultant who has been helping small business ownership thrive and soar for many years. Focusing on stylist careers, owner Ron Sturgeon has designed two spas, Salon and Spa Galleria in Grapevine and Arlington.


Start planning your equipment, décor and special features for a suite salon at Salon and Spa Galleria and join the other  beauty professionals in this like minded community. RDS Real Estate is standing by to help you move from employment to the fascinating world of self employment. Call now for details, meeting and tour of Salon and Spa Galleria.

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