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Advanced spa Property For Lease | RDS Real Estate

Advanced spa property for lease

Advanced spa property for lease is wrapped in a beautiful spa package called Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. Rent retail space for a boutique that relates in some way to the beauty and wellness industries. Otherwise the spa is exclusive for the personal care services a community seeks and the small business professional requires.


Consider a luxury and private rent space at one of these spas. There is a location in Grapevine, in Arlington and in Burleson. Each location has a network of private studios inside and also some shared studios and booth rentals. If you are an esthetician who desires a large studio for the treatment of acne, you’ll find the spaces by RDS Real Estate to be quite satisfactory.  Call for a tour of the spaces suited for nail acrylic artists. See the entire property for lease with a tour today.

Possibility making property lease

Possibility making property lease is the privilege of every tenant who finds their way to the Salon and Spa Galleria and RDS Real Estate. But the spas aren’t the only type of commercial space in the portfolio of RDS.  True the spa in Grapevine is near Addison texas, but it is common for RD to add a building for sale to its portfolio is well suited.


Buildings for rent by RDS Real Estate are always quality, complete and optimized for the successful renting of the tenant. Leave the purchasing of buildings for sale up to the experts at RDS Real Estate and let them do all of the work while you pour your resources either into your profits or back into your business with such an intelligent property for lease, call now.

Liberating rent lease

Liberating is this rent lease opportunity for cosmetologists, wellness and fitness experts and boutique owners who choose Salon and Spa Galleria.  This business property has all of the attributes of a spa at an expensive resort. Estheticians can provide care skin at Salon and Spa Galleria every bit as complete and healing yet close to home for the client.


Choose your space for care skin in grapevine at Salon and Spa Galleria and begin ordering your equipment. Very near Colleyville tx, the Grapevine spa is in the midst of many new clients who desire your services. You can’t go wrong with a spa property for lease, just outside Grapevine Mills Mall entrance, call for a tour now.

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